The Perfect Day Planner

A Good Day is Planned in The Morning.

A Good Day is Planned in The Morning.

The topic of the last post was about how to improve your morning routine. Following on from that, I wanted to introduce a tool that I use to help me get things done during the day. Some people have to-do lists, some use journals or notebooks as their productivity tool. It is very importance have a way of tracking your activities through out the day. Why?

- To help you see if you are having a productive day or not.

- To help you focus on what’s important.

- To help you allocate your time wisely.

The Good + Perfect Day Planner

I have used many journals, diaries, calendars and day planners for a long time and there is always something that needs a little tweaking or adjustment. This time I decided enough was enough. Below is a sample of a day planner that I’ve designed and now use. It includes the following.

1. Spiritual Development.

There’s space to list the people or situations you want to pray for, bible reading plan and a space for jotting down what thought you are going to be meditating on.

2. The Daily 5

These are the 5 priorities that NEED to be fulfilled in order for you to say you’ve had a productive day.

3. Personal Development

What empowering words will you listen to, or inspiring videos will you watch? Plan to do some reading and writing.

4. The Show Love Social Development

This space is for jotting down a list of people that you want to honour and appreciate before the end of the day.

5. Home and Gardening Chores

6. Exercise and Water Intake Tracker

7. Food Journal

This will help you keep track of all that you eat. The last entry there is for treats and foods that are not in your current eating plan.

Here is a sample of the Good+Perfect Day Planner. Printable copies will be available soon. Follow me on Facebook for updates.

The Good + Perfect Day Planner

The Good + Perfect Day Planner

What is the most important thing that you look for in a day planner? Leave your comment below.

It is always a blessing to serve you,


5 Tips to Improve Your Morning Routine

Supercharge your morning.

Supercharge your morning.

Do you ever wake up feeling like “is it morning already?”As a parent, you may still have other people who depended on you to wake up on time and be ready to serve. Like everything in life, a supercharged morning is all down to the choices you make.

If you’re stuck with too many “what just happened?” mornings, here are a few simple steps that you can introduce to your morning routine. Trust me, after a few days on this, other people will notice a change in you.

  • Exercised first thing in the morning.

Don’t worry about how many reps you’re doing to start off with. The main goal here is to get your heart rate up. You can start this with gentle stretching exercises. That will pump happy hormones into your system and give you a good dose of some happiness juice.

  • Listen to motivational messages or watch an empowering video

This activity can be done when at the same time as the exercise, especially if you are doing more stretching exercises. Select messages by or about people you admire. As you learn about them, this will also give you ideas of how you can improve in your personal life, work or business.

  • Read inspirational materials

If you don’t want to listen to messages, and prefer to read. Spend about 15-20 minutes reading and learning. Choose materials that are empowering and helpful to improve your morning routine . These will help charge you up for your day ahead and set your mind up for higher thoughts.

  • Start  Keeping a Journal

Look at how yesterday went: the wins, the slips and jot down ideas for how you improve on your day. You can also spend this time writing what you are grateful for in a journal. Keeping a journal helps you to see things that are going well in your life and helps you to be more forgiving of yourself in the areas where you are just starting out.

  • Have a better balanced breakfast.

Whether you like your breakfast early or late, consider making 50% of it fruit or vegetables. This change alone will not only add more healthy food into your diet, it will help you transition better into portioning your food better, especially the carbohydrates.

Sometimes our turning point is locked in our routine. So if you want to improve your morning routine, I recommend starting with exercise, words of encouragement or inspiration, keeping a journal and a good breakfast. You will feel more energized and better prepared to face any day head on.

What is your favorite part of your morning routine? Leave a comment below.

You are blessed,


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First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson

In the last post I wrote about how light needs the company of other lights, how like minded people do better together, and here is why:

“In four days I earned half my annual salary, paid off 11,000 in 10 months, and have 39,600 in savings – all while attending 8 First Steps to Success all the way from London.” ~ Richard Woodson, UK, May 2012

The next First Steps to Success is going to be running in Austin, Texas from the 17th to the 19th of January 2015. In the last few weeks I’ve dived into Dani Johnson’s teachings and training and have made the life altering decision to join her and her team in Austin, Texas on January 17-19th 2015 for a weekend of First Steps to Success*.

The testimonies that are coming out of people who have experienced this training and put it to use are phenomenal. I’ll share a few of these later. Since making the decision that I was going to be the next to share a testimony about First Steps to Success, I decided this month that I was at the least going to read her book: First Steps to Wealth.

This is why I selected the book First Steps to Wealth as my book for this month. A quarter way through this book, I can share with you what I’m learning to be a very important step to success. Are you read? Here it is:

You become what you do!

Therefore, wake up every morning believing that you can do all the things that God says you can do. That you are going to do and act them from the moment your feet touch the floor. You become what you do, and if you continue to do as you have been doing, you will not become that higher person that you have been wanting to become.

The best you, is waiting for you to act like them. All it takes is a decision and a commitment to act.

I’m not even half way through this book and already light bulbs are coming on all around and inside me. I’ve searched for this book on Amazon but it’s currently not available there. But she is giving it away for free from her website
Get yours and join my private Facebook group as we look at this book together. Send a friend request to Una Opiyo to be added to Good+Perfect Club. Light plus light is more light. Seek the company of those on their way to where you are going.

Now for another First Steps to Success testimony.

“I lived everyday feeling hopeless. I couldn’t handle the stress of my job and was getting out of an abusive relationship. I was in debt, stressed out and burned out! After going to First Steps to Success I started a business that in the last year replaced my income by over 100% as well as payed off $9,000 of debt in 12 months! This gave me the freedom to get my life back on track! I highly recommend getting to First Steps to Success.”
~ Dorothy Graham, June 2013

You are ever blessed,



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Your Light Needs Company

Photo credit: Geraint Rowland (Creative Commons)

Photo credit: Geraint Rowland
(Creative Commons)

The Bible tells us that we are the light of the world. (Matt 5.14) Whatever shape or form (of light) you choose to imagine yourself to be, as soon as you operate in that function of being a light, you chase away any darkness that is around you.

Now, imagine a light that has been left in an old building over time. Chances are, whether that light functions or not, it will not look any better than it’s surroundings. Dust, debris, degradation, time and others, will have taken their toll on this light.

So even when it is eventually turned on, it’s original brightness will be affected. It will not shine as bright as it was intended to be (if it works at all).

This is true for our walk as believers. The light that you are is affected by: it’s environment, what we say, think and do, as well as what we choose to tolerate.

No one is walking into an old dilapidated house every single day to care for the one light that still has life in it (they won’t do it for too long). Wisdom and common sense will suggest that the light be removed from that run-down house and be installed in a fitting structure.

It is easier to maintain your light when you surround yourself with the right people. It is naivete to think the negative influence of other people will not affect you in anyway, especially when you are outnumbered, outgunned, and still young in your faith.

Yeah, but, isn’t it selfishness to pull yourself away from those associations? No it’s not. Every thing you think, do or say when you are around them, that is contrary to your identity as God states it in His Word, is a speck of dust on your light; another cobweb on your lamp shade.

The inevitable is the dimming of YOUR light. And a dim light is not working at it’s full function. The light in my toilet is dimming, and I can’t wait to replace it. But thank God for grace because He gives us the opportunity to make choices to help us shine.

“On earth, changes are possible. It is when we get to eternity where the state we entered in is permanent!” – David Oyedepo Jr

It is while we are still running this run that we have opportunities to choose life so that it will be well with us. You are the light of the world, and everyday your choices indicate whether you are inviting spiders to build webs on your or dusting them off.

Are you separating yourself from company that draws you further from God? Are you sitting down for the wrong things instead of standing up for the right things? Is the building your light is in falling apart of standing strong?

I pray that as you begin to think about your own light in this world, that you are inspired to believe that you can help your light shine brighter even right now. How? Seek the company of other lights.

Share this message with as many people as you can. You never know who’s light needs this to move out of that run-down situation.

Remain ever blessed,

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Choose Your Own Adventures

Choose your own adventures. Choose your happy.

Choose your own adventures. Choose your happy.

To choose your own adventures has to be up there in many new year resolutions or intentions. It announces loudly that one desires to be more bold, because that’s what making a choice is. It’s a step in boldness.

So as I sit down to list some of what I hope to be my choices as the year advances, I am reminded of a few points. That:

  1. All our choices have consequences. Some will work out as planned and others will not. The hope is that we will show true grit and persevere on the path to reach our intended goal.
  2. God’s will not curtailed or affected by our choices. The will of God is the Word of God, and that will not change to meet our choices or decision. The wisest way to play this is to choose what God chooses; for our choices to align with the teachings of the Word of God.
  3. God is still at work even when we get things wrong and make the wrong choice. Most testimonies or stories in the Bible are about people who have made wrong turns but still managed to “straighten out” when they surrendered to what God wanted them to do. King David side-stepped and got into all manner of mischief, but God’s will for his life and family has been fulfilled.
  4. There is always a way back should we get it wrong. God forgives and is always ready to forgive.

So whatever happens in the next few months to test your resolve, have confidence in that God is with you. No valley of the shadow of death can keep Him away. Go out and choose your own adventures. What’s the worst that could happen that hasn’t already happened to someone else somewhere in the world? You will learn something about yourself and you will come out on the other side with God still being God.

Until next time, go forth and have fun. Stand in bold faith, make bold confessions, and do bold things.

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