Choose Your Own Adventures

Choose your own adventures. Choose your happy.

Choose your own adventures. Choose your happy.

To choose your own adventures has to be up there in many new year resolutions or intentions. It announces loudly that one desires to be more bold, because that’s what making a choice is. It’s a step in boldness.

So as I sit down to list some of what I hope to be my choices as the year advances, I am reminded of a few points. That:

  1. All our choices have consequences. Some will work out as planned and others will not. The hope is that we will show true grit and persevere on the path to reach our intended goal.
  2. God’s will not curtailed or affected by our choices. The will of God is the Word of God, and that will not change to meet our choices or decision. The wisest way to play this is to choose what God chooses; for our choices to align with the teachings of the Word of God.
  3. God is still at work even when we get things wrong and make the wrong choice. Most testimonies or stories in the Bible are about people who have made wrong turns but still managed to “straighten out” when they surrendered to what God wanted them to do. King David side-stepped and got into all manner of mischief, but God’s will for his life and family has been fulfilled.
  4. There is always a way back should we get it wrong. God forgives and is always ready to forgive.

So whatever happens in the next few months to test your resolve, have confidence in that God is with you. No valley of the shadow of death can keep Him away. Go out and choose your own adventures. What’s the worst that could happen that hasn’t already happened to someone else somewhere in the world? You will learn something about yourself and you will come out on the other side with God still being God.

Until next time, go forth and have fun. Stand in bold faith, make bold confessions, and do bold things.

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