Prayer – The Most Awesome Way to Start Your Month

The power of prayer

The power of prayer

The most awesome way to start your month is with a prayer of thanksgiving. Nothing beats a heart of gratitude, and even if it doesn’t seem like you have anything to be grateful for because you’ve had a rough and challenging month, trust me, things could have been worse.

Take every opportunity to be grateful for even the littlest of things. The following is a short prayer to welcome the new month.

August Prayer

In Jesus’ name,

Father I thank you for allowing me to see yet another month.
Surely You continue to honour Your Word in my life.
You said with long life will you satisfy me (Ps 91.16) and every day that you add on is an indication You are still working this in my life.

In deed daily You load us with benefits (Ps 68.19) and I thank you for every benefit and blessing of the past month.
Open the eyes of my understanding so that I will behold Your wondrous works in my life.
May I not miss any blessing you have prepared for me this coming month.

I think you for my family, and the many different people that you bring across my journey.
May I never forget to praise You for all Your marvellous works in my life.

Bless every family.
Empower every parent by your Word this month.
Protect and preserve the blessing/children (Ps 127.3) you have placed in our care.

Thank you Lord for your loving kindness.


As you have prayed this prayer with sincerity, expect the Word of blessing, benefits empowerment, protection and preservation. God wants what’s best for you.

The next move is up to you. Share this prayer with someone.

You are blessed.


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