How to Understand A Preaching Better

understand a preaching

Today’s post is about how to understand a preaching better. Sometimes when you come out of church, you’re not quite sure what to make of the message that you heard. And sometimes you’re not even sure if you heard it right.

It might have been your first visit to church ever or in a long time, or maybe you’re a newbie and are just not there yet on your journey. Or sometimes, like me, you’re a Sunday School teacher or a parent who is wondering “exactly how in the world am I supposed to explain this to a child?”

This post is about how to take the sermon you here or a new biblical topic that comes up weekly and demystify it enough to explain it to a child.

Here are steps on how to understand a preaching better

  1. Pray about it.I know, not that again! But it’s important that you ask God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your understand. That means, to open your heart to understand what you’re receiving.
  2. Read for yourself the relevant story that was used in the preaching.For example, take the story of Samuel anointing David as the future king of Israel. This helps you get the bigger picture and build a wider view of what was going on at the time.
  3. Pick out the element of the story that you want to focus on.Is it a character or an entity or someone’s behaviour? In this story from 1 Sam 16, there are big lessons that can be learnt about Samuel or David, or Jesse and human nature, or the anointing oil, and many more. The next step is the most exciting and revealing of all. Ready?
  4. Put yourself in the story and fast forward the scenario to this day and time.For example, imagine this story unfolding with you as David? Maybe in your work place that are people who are obvious candidates  for a promotion or special mention. But God is not moved by appearances, He is not picking the obvious choices. He is picking regular folks like you and me, to step up and do extraordinary things in this world.
  5. Thank God for every revelationWhether it was to show you your weak areas or to reveal your superpower.

Now it’s your turn: which step do you find most helpful to understand a preaching?

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