Godly Parenting – 10 Lessons I’ve Learnt in 10 years

Here are 10 lessons that I have learnt in 10 years of godly parenting.

Godly parenting lessons

Godly parenting lessons

1. Have faith in God & Godly Parenting.

It’s not going to work if you doubt it will work. And the Bible says that “faith without works is dead.” So if you believe the Word, put it to work and continue working your part. Leave God’s part to God.

2. Trust in God, it’s not about you.

So often you will have to trust that what the Word of God says is the whole truth, and nothing but that. Believe that what you teach your children about God and godly living will not depart from them.

3. You might be the only one teaching them about God outside of Sunday School, so get your story right.

Teaching works better when you have prepared your lesson. Think about the best way to get your message across. Pick a method that suits your children’s learning style and use that share your journey and your life as a believer with them. Mercedes Samudio over at The Parenting Skill has this great article about how to share your interests with your kids. If it gives you a fresh take on how to share your faith with your kids, do leave her a comment.

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image source: carolinapeds.com

4. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

This might be the only thing that saves you in the long run. Children the world over learn through repetition. And chances are, you will repeat yourself so many times, sometimes you may even feel yourself going blue in the face! That’s kids for you! Don’t lose heart. It pays off in the end.

5. Pray for yourself and for your children.

Popeye ate spinach, and prayer is your spinach as a believer. Pray for your parenting efforts, pray for patience and more patience. But also pray for the children daily. Pray for their development, their environment, the people they associate with (friends, teachers, neighbours, etc), and pray for their future. Plant the right seeds for their future and their future life of godly parenting.

6. Teach them to pray for themselves and for others.

You wont always be there when there’s a need to ask God directly for help, so it is very important that you teach your children how to pray. They have to graduate from “now I lay me down to sleep” to understanding that they can pray about anything that’s in their hearts, using their own words. This is very important for godly parenting.

7. Encourage them to build a personal relationship with God.

Make it possible for them to learn about God by making available Bibles, stories and books that are appropriate for their age. Make audio Bibles and books available to them. And teach them how to meditate on the Word and how God speaks to us through the world and how everything works together.

8. Read the Bible together.

As important as it is for children to read the Bible for themselves, it is very important as parents to also share that time with them. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions and also gives you the opportunity to gauge how much they understand what they are reading.

9. Practice what you preach.

They look and see more than they listen. Let them see you read your bible. Let them hear you lead prayer sometimes. Let them see you acting the word in your life.

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as having said:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

10. You are going to make mistakes.

The whole thing is a learning process, so be prepared to pick everyone up when they stumble or fall. God knows that better than any other parent. You can tell them one thing, but you can’t predict what they’ll do or how they will react. Be ready to re-enforce the lessons that you want them to learn from falling.

11. We are all different for a reason.

Here’s a bonus lesson. Teach your children that they will also have different interests and opinions even to their close friends. That’s ok. We are all created in God’s image, fearfully and wonderfully made. Therefore, teach your children to know what their identity in Christ is.

Thank you. Now it’s your turn:

Which lesson in godly parenting resonates the most with you? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. trenna says:

    Maybe, Practice what you preach, although I rarely preach. I have a mantra that goes something like this. “They can’t hear what I am saying because my actions are so loud.” I more of a “show them, than preach to them.

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