To go from dream to purpose will not happen as you continue to talk yourself down and collect excuses for why your dream cannot work.

Right now you wanna stop being afraid of using your gifts, sitting on your talent and being uncomfortable about under-achieving.

You wanna stop making excuses, wasting away your talent and spending all your time in ideas-land.

But that hasn’t happened yet.

You pray that you can share the things that God has deposited in you, be an extension of His hand, and fulfil the mandate that He’s given you.

This year more than ever you believe it’s your time to be a part of what God is doing, use this gift He’s given you, and fulfil your purpose.


Una Opiyo

My name is Una Opiyo and I’m a mentor and productivity coach and I help sick-and-tired Christian women like you who wanna:

  • Develop a winning mindset. What’s better than knowing that God is on your side.
  • Identify their true purpose out of the sea of ideas currently in their heads, uncover their true passion and truly focus on their passions.
  • Become confident in their dream, bring them to the forefront and believe in their abilities.
  • Set meaningful, purpose-pushing and actionable goals
  • Start building what they always thought they’d be doing by now, live their calling daily and impact many lives around them.

I believe that everyone has a dream to fulfil, the basic know-how to begin and required ability to start sharing it with the world. But sometimes those dreams get buried under a pile of “let’s be sensible” and “make responsible choices” of the day.

Because as you uncover your given dream, you’ll live on purpose, shake away the guilt of not following the norm, and walk taller in your new confidence.

When you work me you get access to everything I know about defining the goals of your dream, setting manageable and doable tactics and making connections with the cheerleaders who want to see you succeed.

As we work together I’ll encourage you to believe in your abilities, make the time invest in your goals and find reasons why your dream will work instead of looking at why it won’t.

By the time our work together is done, you’ll be more excited about working on your goals, the dreamer in you will be the action taker you’re supposed to be because you will have set realistic, achievable, work-with-what-you-have goals and tasks to help you reach your destiny, and be well on your way to fulfilling your potential.

If you’re ready to start shining your own unique brand of light in this world, click here to book your personalised 1-to-1 call to map out your life of passion.

I look forward to seeing your dream come to life.

Shine the light you were always meant cast.

xo Una

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