365 Days From Today – Goal Getting

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image source: Usain Bolt

365 days from today, where will your goals be? 365 days from today I’ll be celebrating another birthday and it will be 4 years since I wrote the following words:



Today being my birthday, I guess I should post something profound and life transforming…or close! So here goes…brace thyselves! 🙂
Today being my birthday and the day after London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony, come the next Olympics 4 years from now, I should be receiving my own medal for doing something. I mean if Bolt can break records every 4 years, we can ‘break’ our personal records too. This is an open challenge to everyone. 4 years from now, please, please, please, let’s not be in the same place – emotionally, physically, spiritually or otherwise. 🙂


You have 4 years to change the world, change yourself, change your life!
Be blessed people. & Thanks for all the birthday messages.
Una Opiyo
Aug. 2012

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365 days from today…

This challenge will be looking you and I in the face and the plan is for you to say: “Record breaking is not just for Usain Bolt, I did it too!” Because guess what, Usain Bolt is right now angling to break and set a record or three in the next 365 days. He is living and breathing record breaking powers, thinking record breaking thoughts, maintaining a record breaking eating plan  and doing record breaking habits.

You can do this! 365 days from today, 4 years will be up since I wrote those words.

365 days from today, where do you want to be in your health, wealth and parenting journey? Share in the comments below.

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